Out of Sight

This programme is part of the International Competition. From 15 years of age.

TUE 25/10, 13:00 FYRIS
THU 27/10, 19:00 SLOTTS


Haze uses an old camcorder to film their body at night. When their mother finds the camera and watches Haze’s private video, the shimmers of new understandings penetrate the day.

Australia 2022 / 13:04 / Director: Meg Duncan / Producer: Gabrielle McLeod


While investigating events that profoundly altered the landscape of the Western Sahara (south of Morocco desert), the filmmaker found himself faced with a silent environment haunted by its complex socio-political history. As an alternative, he then decided to focus on the organic life that inhabits the desert to reconstruct people’s memories.

Morocco 2021 / 18:48 / Director: Abdessamad El Montassir / Producer: Abdessamad El Montassir

I am Trying to Remember

I asked: “Why have they erased you?” He said: “Maybe they are scared.” I said: “Whoever is scared, should erase themselves.” He said: “In that case, the faces of the living would all be gone and only the dead would remain.”

Iran, Czech Republic 2021 / 15:32 / Director: Pegah Ahangarani / Producer: Kaveh Farnam

Never look back

How much are you willing to share with your friends? Will they be there for you or leave? A film about close friendships. 14-year olds Carina and Jamila grow up at Ammerud, Oslo in the early 90’s. This short film explores the power of friendships and how everything can change if one person sees you and cares about you. The short film is based on real events from the director’s upbringing in Groruddalen.

Norway 2022 / 7:15 / Director: Linda Bournane Engelberth / Producer: Arina Baranchuk

In the upper room

Every season a young mole visits his blind grandfather, who lives deep underground in a comfortably decorated burrow. As the two grow older their relationship becomes more intense and important questions arise.

Austria 2022 / 08:09 / Director: Alexander Gratzer / Producer: József Fülöp


After the presidential election in Belarus in August 2020, numerous protests erupted throughout the country. The special police took brutal action against demonstrators. Almost 7000 people were arrested. In this short film, hundreds of victims recount their experiences in interviews, revealing a system of repression, which is reconstructed in the director’s room in Berlin.

Germany, Belarus 2021 / 26:00 / Director: Pavel Mozhar / Producer: Kolja Wolle